Field Research Process

1) Application for Data entry including the frontend and backend IP rights
2) Multi-Layer Data access –
a. Data Entry Points
b. Review and submission (Project Managers at Partner Level)
c. Review and access to reports (Especially Dash Board) – All users + Plan India staff with applicable approval matrix
d. Administrative Rights – Plan India MERL team including Edit mode rights.

3) Software should include real–time sharing of data among field workers and with other users
4) Secure cloud storage
5) Automatic data validation during data entry
6) Real –time analysis and instant updates
7) GIS Mapping and Geo Tagging (options)

8) The dashboards and reports to be made as exportable to Power Point; excel; CSV; word; JPEG and PDF.
9) Any addition of the Indicators to be allowed by the administrator at the client

10) Training/Orientation of project staff of Plan India, partner NGOs in field including the maintenance
11) A user manual for using the app on device needs to be developed for orientation and periodical trainings.
12) 24 hours online and field based support whenever required. 13) All Source code by end of the project period.

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