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Our Services

Monitoring & Evaluation
M&E is our core expertise. Guided by Results Based Management Systems in Development projects we partner with Implementaiton agencies and Donors in conducting independent program monitoring and evaluation of development policies and programs. We have necesary tools, research teams and field teams to assess field level impact.

Our interdisciplinary monitoring and evaluation initiatives are directed toward providing constructive inputs to the design and implementation of development programs largee and small, particularly in terms of targeting and inclusiveness. Our team is well versed with various types of monitoring and evaluation studies, including rapid assessment, participatory monitoring, policy review, and impact evaluation on several development programs and policies. We employ mixed-method approach while maintaining methodical perfection and rigor and offer customized services.

Exploratory Research, Situation analysis and Problem definition
Baseline Study- detailed field studies to institutionalise measurements of key parameters
Governance and Empowerment – effectiveness
Qualitative Monitoring and Impact Evaluation
Continuous Evaluation
End lne Assessments

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