Solution offering

Solution offering
  1. Develop an application that is PDA and Computer enabled with GIS mapping and access friendly databases.
    The application to be developed based on the templates, logics and flows as required by client.
  2. Develop a module for detail project management cycle as defined by Client, this is dynamic in nature to add the same as per the new and continuing projects.
  3. Develop dynamic reporting and analytics module
    based on the requirements with a scope to cross tab the same with secondary data which will be uploaded separately.
  4. Develop reporting module with a scope to create standardized reports and customized reports by the users as per the requirement.
  5. Develop Protocols to publish the results from data on internal and external websites.
  6. The software is equipped with user right based view and approval mechanism as per the protocols defined by Plan India.
  7. Develop an online repository with indexing of the data sources, storage of reports and links of the reports as provided by the Client.
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